A woman sees a glimpse of her strength when she is pregnant.

Pregnancy gives us a time to reflect and prepare the world for a new being.  It should be an enlightening experience with peace, excitement, and so much love.  The changes that a mother’s body make for her bundle of joy are amazing, which makes spinal and pelvic alignment so important!

Many pregnant women experience pain in their spines and pelvis, as their pelvic ligaments become looser, making life uncomfortable for mom and baby.  Because it is safe and effective throughout pregnancy, chiropractic realignments are great for expectant moms!

Learn how chiropractic and health weight gain can complement a healthy pregnancy!

Dr. Maldonado is part of a limited number of Chiropractors that have received specialized training to work with pregnant moms through the  International Chiropractic Pediatric Association



It’s never too early to teach healthy habits.  What’s healthier for a child than an optimally functioning nervous system? In childbirth, an infant’s neck is often stretched, tugged, or stressed in a way that may affect their spine.  Even a natural, uncomplicated childbirth can apply enough pressure to misalign spines.  As a child grows, falls and injuries can also misalign their spines.

If your infant is experiencing difficulty nursing or latching, constipation, colic, or allergies, he or she may be a chiropractic candidate. Have his or her spine checked today!  It is gentle and safe!

Dr. Maldonado is part of a limited number of Chiropractors that have received specialized training to work with pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


While the majority of our new patients are pregnant women or children, we also take care of anyone with a spine – including non-pregnant women, men, athletes, elderly, and more.


Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain, “new” allergies, or suffering from chronic disease?

These are just some of the reasons you may visit a functional medicine specialist.  Like chiropractic, functional medicine is a whole-body approach that looks for sources of disharmony within the body.  It considers how the organ systems affect each other.  For example, iron deficiency can affect energy levels as well as cause hair loss.  Identifying that right cause can increase both your stamina AND strengthen your hair!

Inquire today about how functional medicine can help you!