A woman sees a glimpse of her strength when she is pregnant.

Pregnancy gives us a time to reflect and prepare the world for a new being.  It should be an enlightening experience with peace, excitement, and so much love.  The changes that a mother’s body make for her bundle of joy are amazing, which makes spinal and pelvic alignment so important!

As pregnancy progresses and pelvic ligaments loosen, many pregnant women experience pain in their spines and pelvis, making life uncomfortable for mom and baby.  Because it is safe and effective throughout pregnancy, chiropractic care is great for expectant moms!

Not only do mom who receive chiropractic care report shorter labor and delivery times, but they also have a more pleasant pregnancy experience!

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Dr. Maldonado is part of a limited number of Chiropractors that have received specialized training to work with pregnant moms through the  International Chiropractic Pediatric Association